An Empty Life

I feel like everything i do in my life is meaningless ... I often had these flash backs on bad events that happened to me and really make me feel down . for ex. i like doing stand-up comedy and the first time i did it i wont a competition .. but the second time i got stage fright and couldn't say a word so i lost the competition without even trying .. some times i feel like wanting to end my empty life , another problem i have is that i have been single all my life because i have no idea how to make girls have interest in me , all i can do is make them laugh . i am sorry if this look like a chaos its because i am bad at wrtintg and grammar so i hope no one would be offended by it .. tbh i have no idea why i am here now and writing this i am soo confused at what to do in my life plus i feel i am really too old for achieving anything in life i am 28 and still haven't had any success whats so ever. sigh..

Nerox Nerox
Mar 8, 2010