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Sunday Weekends

When I was a kid, during sunday weekends. my dad would always take me and my little brother to the beach. once we step the soft sandy ground, the adventure begins. making sand castles, bury ourselves with sands, making drawings with a stick on the sand, playing in the sea. after we do all the activities, we just lay our backs on the sand and i remember dad would always tell us stories about his childhood memories. that how much he loves the sea breeze. their was just no worries about the reality of life. but when we got older, during sunday weekends. we would just stay at home. no more beach, no more stories, and i almost feel like we have no longer a dad. because he 's just too busy to do those things anymore. but iv'e always love my dad no matter what. and i know he feels the same way too. but I just don't have the courage to tell him how much lucky I am to be his son. but as long as he's happy and safe, I'm already contented with what i have.
itsmelou itsmelou 16-17, M Aug 5, 2012

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