Mmm Mmm Good Movie

Top Gun is one of my favorite movies and I think one of the reasons that I am so into men in uniform. Val Kilmer was of the sexiest men on earth in this movie and therefore I feel the need, the need for speed often and watch this movie when I feel the craving so bad that I can take it no longer.

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LMAO Blu.... Did you see the post I did for you?<br />
<br />
Blue, I didn't think *** left me with any tears.

Those are pure hormone tears. The good part of not knowing why you are crying tears is that nothing is bad enough to be the thing you are crying about.

What about the I don't know why the **** I am crying tears?

Happy tears are always much better than sad tears.

MMMMMMM I am in a happy, yet tearful mood. have you ever felt that ladies?

agree w fungirlmmm on all counts...<br />
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me too and he is too short for me.

Val was hot, Tom was not. I think TC is so overrated. Great flick though. I haven't seen it in a while, to be honest.

hehe! I can hear the song that was playing during the volleyball scene Blu and it makes me wet.<br />
<br />
IR, he was looking mighty sick the last time i saw him.<br />
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Ferrett, There was no pineapple juice consumed in this movie lol.

Apparently Kilmer doesn't believe in living a healthy lifestyle! He was on local television the other day and he isn't aging well. (Putting it kindly).

LMFAO awww