Humping The Floor Everyday

I have had the urge to hump alot more often then before so I loving humping the wood floor laying face down in my underwear & in speedos lately I have  been humping more then ever before so I 'am always humping lying face down on

the wooden floor everyday until I *** and feels good too!

Frankco Frankco
31-35, M
7 Responses Feb 10, 2010

i love humping pillows and arm chairs, or anything else for that matter

It's fun love humping floor

only done the floor a few times, usually prefer something soft

I've done it on linoleum floor ceramictile floor and on tthe woodenfloor laying face down the wood floor is my favorite

i used to *** in speedo back in my teens, they feel so soft and silky

Sure do love doing it in speedos also humping until *******

mmmm sounds fun, are you wearing a speedo now


You ever lay face down on tile floor and wood floors humping in speedos

i used to, i was a lifeguard and wore them often, love the feeling

Me too I still hump the wooden floor and tile floor humping in speedos and bikini briefs just love hearing the humping sound when humping laying face down on wood and tile floor

are you gonna hump your floor tonite, ive already been humping the arm of my couch

Sounds like fun yes I'm going to do it now laying face down on wood floor humping in speedos and ***

mmmm i wish i was there humping with you. rubbing your *** while you humped

Haha sure is fun

are you humping slowly enjoying the feeling, your **** sliding in the speedo, building in pleasure

Oh yes very slowly I do it

oooh yes, ive been doing it slowly for the last hour

I do it humping and rubbing against the wooden floor *** a bit and just keep on til I ***

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I have enjoyed bed humping since I was a pre-teen. Like you, I love doing it in speedos and bikinis, and I also love doing it in tight spandex. What's really cool is humping an inflatable pool raft in the water without anyone knowing about it!

now that id love to try

That was my first efforts in ************ when I was very young.I remember laying face down and humping the floor. It felt so good. I can still remember that initial sensation. My mother came in the room and asked if I was alright, patting my butt saying it's okay. There is so much more to this story......

peach wine? now you're talkin!

i'm just now seeing you other comments, sendit. frankco likes the floor but give me nice, soft pillows and blankets lol

humping is a wonderful thing! :)

Good for you! Safe sex is the best thing you could do and your cleanning the floors and the same time eco friendly thumbs up! you not hurting any one!i have wooden how about it am not joking or making fun neither!