My Wolf Feelings

I feel like my existence is based on a wolf life at the same time. Like as a child I was always the omega for being the shortest & mistreated. In high School I was the Beta for being more protective of my friends & nerds. Rght now I am in college & I am the Alpha of my pack. My ways of dealing things are different than most people. Like if I get cornered I become more aggressive & I start to snarl. People say that if you look in my eyes when I am mad they say they get bigger & darker. Walking on all 4 isn't that hard,but my persona is always different when I am around others. I am either quiet,social or antisocial. If we are cool then I am much more open,but just cuz I don't dislike you doesn't mean I trust you either.
JAZ1792 JAZ1792
22-25, M
1 Response Dec 7, 2011

I agree. You can't trust just everybody. My friend was frustrated me by saying that I can't ever stop talking, but that was because I was cool with him. He clearly didn't know what I act like around most others. People don't even have to look into my eyes to feel intimidated. They already know.