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Lately i've began feeling more and more wolf-like.  Today i was really mad at some people and i was already tired from a long school day. It was my last class of the day and i was almost late. These girls who are walking by take up the entire walk way ( i was outside) and i was almost pushed off it. Plus the were talking louder than needed so me being the person who has a low tolerence level i got annoyed. I felt this strange feeling rise inside me. I wanted to grolw so badly. To show them that i was irked and make them just be quiet. But i supressed the urge to growl, i can't exactly explain it but it elt almost painful to fight it. The pain was hard to describe. It wasn't exactly pain but just a strong feeling inside. It probably took almost all my will-power not to growl aloud.

With the weather getting colder here i felt another strange urge. I want to hunt. To go running through the woods and catch something. I remember one night i heard howling outside. I wanted to howl back so badly. There was some strange pull i can't explain and it almost hurt because i kept on fighting it. I have to be careful down south they like to hunt here. So i can't risked be found out. My cravings for "people food" seem to have lessened. Sometimes when i look at it i don't feel hungrey at all.

I'm so worried right now. I have no idea what i'd do if i suddenly lost control in the middle of the school day.

(P.S. i want to learn how to control shifting. I haven't shifted before and i'm wondering if any of you if you know how to could tell me.) 
Ryekir Ryekir 18-21, F 3 Responses Dec 8, 2011

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I jumped a six foot fence today and chased a deer my mum was panicking because ive only just come back i embraced my wolf side and loved it join JAZ's pack you belong there with us ps my mums human

Same exact thing happening here. I actually went after a deer. I would've gotten closer if my friend didn't stomp on chasing me. I don't really wanna eat "people food," all I ever want is to hunt. I fear losing control and hurting someone close to me. I can't control "shifting" as most. My "shifts" come on at times for reasons I do not yet know. Because of this, I am attempting to keep away from anything that might trigger it, but only until I can find control.

its ok little one its your wolf telling you not to fight what you are and its becaus its getting colder that you not whant but need meat to build up your energy reserve its oke just tel yourself to relaxs and you will be fine