I'm Tired Of Being Trapped As A Humun

I howl like a wolf, I growl like a wolf, I have the eyes of a wolf, but I feel imprisoned in my body!!! I don't want to be in the middle anymore I want to transform. the moon is my friend I've learned to bond with it over time, I howl when I see it's near me I can feel it's light as a tingling sensation pulses through my body I want to run but there is no where for me to go in this human world, so I freeze and I howl, mostly my body goes weak my legs are lifeless and I fall unable to see where i am, when I sleep my dreams remedy life as a wolf, and I find I'm only searching for one thing freedom, I don't want to be trapped anymore I want to live the life I know best. But I can't get there...
Greywolfeyes Greywolfeyes
13-15, F
5 Responses Jan 11, 2012

OMG same here, all i want is to run away, I feel weird when its full moon, im a wolf trapped in a human body, i pray to the moon that i could have the chance to run and never return, i like to call my wolf Luna

:) face time? :D

Lol dw just clock ;) unduslike i think

There isn't one so I'll just like this one instead

I know how you feel i hate being trapped inside a human body like this.

Ask girlbetawolf she maybe able to help u shes really understanding of what were going thou, also hav u joined our pack its on my profile :)

Sorry tried to clock on like but it's hard on my iPod How do I undislike