Destiny Redemption!

            This day was bound to happen sooner or later and I am glad it is now... I knew for so long what I am and had hid it so well and been able to keep it caged, but I refuse to any longer! The wolf in me wants out and I can't ignore it any longer! The signs are clear. My rage spikes to dramatic levels, my teeth shift, and my eyes will change color. I can't help but think maybe, just maybe this certain incident was the cause of my wolf to break the bars on its cage and run free within me:
       My boy friend, Shawn, and I went over to visit his mother and dad they had to leave to go to the vet for a cat of theirs. They left Shawn's younger sister who is 10 years old, Carrie, his two cousins, Junior and Dynasty, and on top of that my little brother who was 8 years old, D.J., and my little sister who was 7 years old, Savannah, at the house and told Shawn's ex-best friend, Alex, to watch them. Shawn and Alex of course got into a big fight real fast. Alex acted like he owned the house and could do what ever he wanted. He was beating on Junior until me and Shawn came around. Shawn and him were jumping down each other throats about dominance really. Who was tougher, who was better. I was silent the whole time quietly getting angry. The more Alex insulted Shawn the more frustrated and angrier I grew. We all went up stairs and sat on the couch. Junior next to me and Shawn Standing in the door way of the kitchen, Alex standing by the front door, just like a coward ready to run. With every put down I would grip my fist tighter, that's when I felt my nails digging into my palm, though they weren't even that sharp seconds before. Shawn moved over to the corner of the living room at the far back and Alex had moved towards the kitchen. It grew silent for a while and that's when Shawn's other younger sister, Katie 15 years old, had came home from baby-sitting the next door kids. When she came through the front door she glared at Shawn and ripped out as much insults as any teenage girl could and more! Screaming between both and the new aggravation of her coming in to yell at Shawn made my blood boil. She stopped the insults to catch her breathe almost instantly remembering something she was told. She stomped over to me and Junior where we sat and Slapped him with all her force, as hard as she could do right on top of his head saying, "That's from your mother!" 
          "What the **** did you hit him for?!" I screamed at her. My anger wouldn't seem to ever end. I have never felt myself be that angry ever before!
          "His mother told me to!!" She said with a snobby tone. The kind that of tone I hated to death, a kind that sounded so much like a brat trying to act like she's all that.
          As I growled I said, "He didn't do anything wrong!" She had said something back but I cannot recall it now, what ever she had said it made me crazy with rage. I stood up from my seat and charged right at her. Her face went to from being a ***** to shocked and pale as a ghosts. Alex, who was standing next to her grabbed her and ripped her out the front door, but I was to fast. I almost had her until I was grabbed from behind by Shawn, he wrapped his arms around my body and arms then locked his hands and fell back onto the sofa by the door. I ripped my arms out of his grasp with ease and when I went to go get up he tightened his grip on me and pulled me back down with him. That's when I decided to give up and not get so frustrated about it anymore. I told him he could let me go without having to worry about me killing his sister, so he let me go and I went to the front door. He grabbed my hand just in case, but all I did was mock Alex and Katie calling them names and laughing every time they got more and more frustrated eventually all the kids joined in as well.
        Because of that night, because of all that anger, I believe my wolf re-emerged and I think that is why I stopped wanting to kill Katie.
                  Because I felt free and felt like my old self once more!
XieryaWolf XieryaWolf
22-25, F
Feb 16, 2012