Every Day

It started when I was a little girl.
Now it feels stronger then ever.
She grows closer to me every day.
Every time I meditate I feel her.
Every time she gets a little bit stronger.
She is me.
I am her.
She's in my body.
Or I'm in my body...
We're the same person/wolf.
So I guess I shouldn't call her a she..
More of a me.
I am a wolf.
My soul is a wolf.
It's confusing but true.
I started having shifting pains.
So by the time I shift I'll be ready.
My wolf and I will be closer then ever.
When the time is right, it will happen.
EmberWolf EmberWolf
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 13, 2012

I can relate a lot...

Good. I was hoping somebody would. :)

It's all the same, actually. Have you fully shifted yet?

Nope. Have you?

No, but the pains are becoming more....painful!!

That's exactly what it's supposed to do pup. xD just get used to it because it only gets worse. Than better again :p this'll be the best it is for months.

I've had the pains for a about two months, but this is the worst X(

It gets worse. Keep your head up. :)

Thank you. Is it bad that I'm an Alpha Female and i haven't even shifted yet??

No. I am too and I haven't. Most don't until they're 17-22

Oh good, that only means a LOT more pain then, smh and fml

Oh grow some balls. If you're really an alpha then it won't bother you too much.

I know, I know i was just messing around. Didn't mean to offend

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