The Animal Within

I don't know what to say or think, I have a temper that is bar none ; it just snaps especially when it comes toward a loved one being disrespected, I feel it inside a snap a cold shiver down my body and I lose it , when I hear or see certain thing they grab me inside and I get that same cold shivering feeling.When a close friend or relative passes on I feel consumed in loath as if a part of me has died (like a pack almost) I loath for days..months when I lose a loved one, my emotions are unsettling; something inside just fills me with emotion, I also crave to be the best at everything I do , a want to be considered an Alpha. I've never Backed down from anything, always awaiting the next challenge always feeling competitive. To top that I have a strong urge to hunt. I want to hunt I fish a lot ; but it's not enough I wish to fair bigger game a strong attraction. None the less I find myself wanting to just shout when I feel pumped or down , and angry. As if I want to howl. I can't explain it but I feel an animal within and I want to release it I want to be me, my animal within. What do I make of this?
Wolflikeme Wolflikeme
18-21, M
3 Responses Jan 12, 2013

Try meditating and if u really think u have a enter wolf inside u, while meditating look for him or her in ur subconscious mind. That's where ur anwser lies.

Nice, you're probably therian so welcome to the community :)

You. Are a Therian. Welcome to the family. I am a therian as well. If you want to talk i'd love to have someone to relate to that isn't a child. I have alot of the same feelings apart from the family death loathing.