My Wolf And His Dark Side

The first time that I've found out I had a wolf in me was in a dream, and at school during a fight. Many things have happened to me that has happened to many wolves, but the one where I found myself in a fight was different. It brought out our dark side. I knew that Blanca had been a white wolf, but his fur turned black during that experience. My temper was a little bit bad back then, but I'm better now. I'm only afraid that if I keep bottling up emotions, it'll happen again. The wolf inside of me had been awakening, but I knew that there had always been that dark side in me, sealed up. I call it the Jar of Vindiction. Of course, this is no different to anyone who bottles up their feelings until they eventually explode. That black wolf that has been sealed inside of me for 3 years, I named him... Caius. So whenever I do get into a fight, I usually back out or let the other person win because I'm afraid to hurt humans. Is it a sign of strength, or weakness? (Absolutely no rude comments.)
lupinexus lupinexus
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 9, 2013

i wouldnt know ive always had a wolf in me since i can remember. though mine never changes colours. he's always white. that wolf is me. i also tend to bottle up my emotions. though only with loved ones. if a stranger gets on my nerves i usually give some warning by means of growls. if he persists then either ignore him or claw him. But if some threatens people i care about its a whole different story. i sometimes have moments where anger gets the best of me. if i see someone being mistreated i tend to snap. i believe thats a sign of strenght it means you are mature enough to ignore them.