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Great Wisdom In Learning From Anthers'......

They say and I agree, it is so often we learn best from our own experiences' and we are that sum ototal of our experiences', but I feel it goes a step further - for we are MORE then are own experiences, as well...not only more, but sometimes, better because of just that -

And if you can see the beauty in learning from others' - then you have not just gained beauty and insight, but you have gained a NEW set of awareness that is almost pure wisdom - for in learning from another's experience - something VERY hard for most to do, comes the grace of just "knowing" that one does not have to go through an experience, personally to grow, to learn, to gain insight - a new perepective, to gain awareness, and to gain strength, even humbleness.

Learning from one's own experience is valuable, learning from another's - ah, that is INVALUABLE because that is looking and seeing, really seeing - peering straight into the eyes'' of humbleness, maturity, and wisdom - which can only come when one is ready and open - I hope this year you are all open to learning from others', as much as you are from you - that is one of my greatest wishes' - and to pass on just how INvaluable that is!

In Peace and Gratitude to those who have taught me by what THEY have gone through,

stigmafree stigmafree 31-35 Dec 30, 2011

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