Do Other People Feel This Way?

I've always thought this about myself... but does everyone feel this way?  Lots of times I feel like I'm "sensing" things people aren't, and seeing things other people aren't, and maybe taking things more seriously.  Maybe it's just constantly analyzing things (I was an English major), and the fact I'm interested in psychology and applying to Grad school to be a counselor, or maybe just overthinking things?  Is this some kind of gift?  Or maybe its just anxiety?  Haha who knows!  It is guiding my career, though, so maybe it is some kind of gift. 

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yes its just as how you think and feel sense things, deep intuitions, I get the same feelings, and yes its a gift, I wanted to give my gift back but my grandmother wouldn't let me lol

Once I meet a person or rather form a lock (I prefer the term Lock, because that’s what it feels like.) on their likeness. Images flow into me. Mostly always I keep it to myself and quietly try to see if my intuition is right (this usually take a few days depending on my curiosity. Although truthfully speaking, I must admit. I usually do nothing because simply I just don’t care about people). Once in a while I’ll mistakenly say something or beforehand make a change just before something happens to the person. For such instances my go to response is “Wow! That was close. I almost missed you.” Or “Go on ahead, I forgot something”. Either way it has been my experience to not try and help people. People are greedy, selfish, manipulating and etc. and not worth saving. So instead I use my finely tuned intuition for my personal gain. Life has been really good. So for those of you out there that may have what I have (God only knows why I’m writing this.), don’t waste your time helping people. Help yourselves, do like I did and use it to make life happier and simpler.

No not everybody can sense things. What you describe is exactly me all of my life. What is intuitively obvious to me seem like rocket science to most people. Just understand we are wired that way. Take the good that comes with it and try to minimize the bad. I drive people close to me crazy die to the fact that I always analyze things all the time. I took jobs at high tech just so I can use this constant analyzing ability at work and be "normal" away from work with family and friends that will never understand me.
You are not alone. It is too bad that the few people that can sense things are medicated to try to be more "normal" and destroy their special talents.

I am Rom, meaning gypsy. As I get older my ablities seem to only grow stronger. I see things before they happen and I can read people like they are open books. I have been able to do this since I was a young girl. I thought nothing of it growing up and I surely didn't believe that gypsies could see into the future, but I'm starting to wonder, because I know people's name's and I've never met them before. I can touch ob<x>jects and see where that ob<x>ject has traveled. I've been called a witch many times but that I am not. I only see what comes to my mind. I'm begining to get a little freaked out about it because it's happening so often and my children are becoming afraid of me because they think it's black magic. I'm only being me and if this is what I was chosen to do then so be it, but it still freaks me out.

i sense and hear things people dont too

I am the same. Had an intuitve tell me I am an intuitive/emp iath(look it up)....i sense timelines of death, accidents, engagements, etc...sometimes I think the vision or thought is for me, and its not, other times I dont know who it belongs to, so I just pray, and reach out to the first person who rests heavy on my heart.its stressfull sometimes, and I feel exhausted bec of all the emotions of others I carry.....and its hard when no one understands what u see, and theres no tangible evidence, and you end up just chocking it up to coincidence. But I know it isnt so...even like today, a meaningless event, but interesting enough, a lady came into my work, and I kept calling her susan, and she kept sayin, its amy, and im like why do I feel like you are a susan?! And she said"its interesting u keep calling me that, bec its my twin sisters name. Ha. Also, I feel much physical anguish such as sick to my stomach rtc as a result of some of the bad visions... I dont know, but all check out "empath" its not psychic, I know im not, but im not quite sure what it is.youre not alone!

I feel the same as with all of you. At first I thought it was an innate sense of empathy and my natural desire to "study" people. But now that I'm older it takes on a new form, its like the more you use the gift, the better you become. Its like I can extend my feelings to "feel" other people, and in combination with reading their body language and what they say, how they say it, what tonal inflection is used in their speech. I get a detailed view on who that person is and how they view life. <br />
<br />
The only hard thing i find is describing what i feel from the people i've studied. many times its a good or bad feeling, and i can somewhat sense their intention. but again putting it to words is a little difficult.

I feel the same way. My mother has said she feels the same too. I always wondered about myself. I dont believe im really special though. I am constantly thinking but i also believe i may have paranoia. Haha.. Anywho, yeah i think alot is being able to read body language. But what makes me feel "different" is i feel i can see "through" people. Who they truly are and its only something i can keep to myself. I told some friends one day that i feel like this and they were like what do you really see about me? And im like i can;t tell you. They were kinda bad things.. Its usually peoples intentions i feel i can "read". I went to a seminar a couple years ago and one of the exercises was to get with a partner, someone you didnt know and i was with this older lady. You then had to give eachother 3 people you wouldnt know. And just give thier names and then you had to try and use your senses to describe anything about them..looks...personality. and turns out, i got all of them right. The lady was amazed and shared what happened in front of everyone. I felt really good.

I do the same thing with people and with jobs I've had. I've been able to give timelines on what changes will take place over a yr time span and been right most times or pretty darn close, it freaks people out. I think people like us just think too much and are able to put the pieces together because we care. I believe that all people could do this, just they choose not to. Whatever it is sometimes it is wonderfull other times it has caused me grief, but in the long run I would not change it, though soemtimes I put it on pause.

It sounds to me like you are gifted and have a very keen sense of perception about those around you. I too for many years sense things about people even strangers. Sometimes it's in their body language or ex<x>pressions on their faces. You can tell a lot about a person by their eyes too. I have always believed that. It is no doubt a gift. Once you explore it more and more you will begin to notice how very well you can read people without knowing anything about them or without being told anything about them.

hey there...sense something about me Joanie.

yeah theres more introverted (i dont mean that in a rude way at all man! or not if your female lol) people out there then most of us think, we just seem to have different brains inside us constantly churning out all this kinda stuff, my gift is creativity and seeing things at different perspectives but as much of a curse it can be for some things it just makes everything else alot easyer, or maybe people like us are just a bunch of twisted mutha's :P as for taking things too seriously i managed to somehow control it, congrats on your acheivments! being a counsellor would be a nice job