If i let them out i might kill myself, or someone.
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Emotions are like bats

Dont kill the cat!

Sometimes i feel like slapping it across the face its so noisy :P

I know how you feel. But; once you hit it; it will fear you for a long time. And then you will regret this shameful inner demon feeling that will haunt you for years. So dont release your misplaced aggression on it. Maybe do it in a different way when you feel like your blood id boiling.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Le5rbjQqxfM (watch this: I've seen every single video. And i fell in love with it. EVERY one. lol)

I wouldnt hurt her i dont raise my voice either. But i get so angry sometimes. And its not her fault. But her meowing is frustrating and it adds on.
I watched it n that is cooool :D

I just asked a q about this cos i dont know why myself. Shes three weeks old and sometimes she meows so much. Ive read that if they meow for more than a minute then something is wrong, it can be that theyre cold or hingry or need to go. Well i do all those things and shes meowing while shes on my lap and me perting her. Then i get so annoyed so i wrap her in a small blanket and pet her head till she sleeps.

Actually this may be her thing. My cat never stops purring; he will be purring even when he is alone. Each cat is unique. If you dont like her; maybe you should trade her in for a different one.

Kindof. My folks dont know about her and her meowing would get me caught. But other than that i know that when shes meowing then there is a problem i hate that i dont know what it is.

If it's not Meow... but Mew! mew! Mew! in high pitch... then something may be wrong; but since she is a baby; she may just be confused.

Yes its mew mew mew mew mew!!!

Feel her paws; does she Mew!? even louder? Press a lil bit on her belly; rub her around to see if she feels hurt.

Shes shut up!! And i just felt everything she kept quiet.
Sometimes when shes meowing shes looking at my finger and trying to hold it with her paws but when i give it to her she bites on it lightly. I dont know if thats play cos she doesnt play with the other toys. And i thought maybe because she was ready to ho on solid food but i tried and she wouldnt eat it

Ive had her for just over a week so shes 4 weeks now. She was abandoned by her mummy. I keep her close when im at home, but i go out sometimes and i have school in a few days. And she wet my bed so im being careful.

You feed her milk? IN a baby bottle? They have it at jewl osco; for 5 Bucks for cream; and a lil bottle.

I dont know wht country ure at but we dont have a jewl osco. I feed it milk though yes

I live in America. :P lol

Well cos u said to keep her close to me. I will be gone for four-six hours a day when i start school. If they find her now they would make me take it to a shelter or something. I plan on telling them about her in six months maybe

You should explain since you are OF age; you can take care of her yourself. It shows responsibility.

They dont care about that. They dislike animals and would go nuts if i told them i 'wanted' a cat. My dad saw my friend's cat eating tuna once. He stopped eating tuna for four years.

Well since you are a woman now; you have your own life ahead of you. I think you need this. But she is really young to be away from her mother though. Very uncommon. They need milk. Not chemical'ed. The Cream.

Kmr i havent taken her to the vet yet and i havent had a chance to get her anything. Shes due for an injection too.

After 6-8 months: YOU HAVE to get her fixed otherwise she will start spraying if you do not and the smell will be horrific. Then all night long she will meow because she will be in heat.

Loool thats so cute. Can i fix her now or she is too young?

I didnt want a pet n but i think i can live with this it can be fun. I dont want to give her away either. I can keep her in my room i have a lock. My dad works from morning and if he hears her he'll think its a cat from outside. And my mum is usually asleep at that time. I found that she doesnt meow unless i leave the room while shes awake, or when i enter the room. So she will probably be quiet

I will be sure to do that thank you!

Yeah sure why not :)

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