I Feel Like There Must Be Something More Than This Limited Existence Of Our Human Body, Or Is It Just My Wishful Thinking?

I often feel like I can't relate to this material, physical earthly world anymore, and the majority of people here on this planet earth.
I often feel like there must be something MORE than this limited existence of our human body,
or I'm afraid if it's all my human's "creative" wishful-thinking and made-up escapism feeling/story..
does my human brain playing all these tricks on me, or it is really REAL: that there are indeed something much MORE that I can access/connect/tap into?..but I just need to find HOW to do it?..

Tell me please: is there really something MORE that I can do and 'ascend/transcend' in this limited human body,
or there's nothing I can really do to escape this 'cursed' limitation, even though as much as I really want to escape and leave this physical existence, body, and limitation?..
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1 Response Dec 30, 2011

I have also felt exactly like you,..and have since tried to find the answers (Internet is a good source to begin our search for 'bigger' Truth).

try to google astral projection, ascension, akashic records, gnostic
and you will be surprised at the 'secret' truths, and if you're like me, you would even be excited about these 'bigger' Truth, than most people ever knew, or *bother* to know/learn!
don't give up! your search/quest has just begun! keep searching!