Feel Like I Am In A Black Hole

I am a mother of two, I met this man and in almost three years we gave birth to 2 girls. Here is my story, when I met him he was very nice and he seemed like the perfect man. I was 30 he was 39, the first thing I noticed was that this man was into a lot of ****! He probably has over 500 **** movies. I should have seen all the red flags, he also loves t go to clubs. The first time he cheated was when I was pregnant with my first child, I found his camera and he had nked women on there, when I confronted him he denied it, ofcourse I didn't believe him but decided to make I work. Than as the time went on, I kept finding things here and there, he would send me texts by mistake, ex"my name is----we met last nigth" so when I confronted him again he didn't want to talk about it and shut down. So I kept moving on, when I was pregnant not once did he go with me to the doctors appoinments,he wasn't there for me emotionally. To make this long story short, I begun to feel extremly low and sad. When we had our little girl, everything seemed good,but my trust was zero, I bgun to search for evidence of cheating, searching his wallet,pants,computer. One day I found a hotel key card, and when confronted he said his friend gave it to him so he could see what a nice hotel that is, I didn't buy it but what can I do if I don't have solid proof.
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Lastly, I found his bank statement and confirmed he had cheated since the hotel transaction was there. I left him and than after a week he said he as sorry and that he wants to make this work, came back with him and things have been worse, I have zero trust, I am lways crying, feeling sad, now we have 2 kids. All in all this man has never called me out of my name nor hit me, he provides for all of us and is caring, the issue here is, he cheated God knows how many times. I feel that he will do it again, if not already doing it. He is a nurse works crazy hours. Pleas help some adivice