Today I was flipping through the tv channels trying to find something to watch. We have full cable and there is a guide button on the remote. Flipping through the channels seemed more appealing. As I was flipping through I saw this girl on my screen who looked completely out of it. She was injecting some sort of iv drug into her arm, lamp cord held tight. It turned out to be the tv show Intervention. I watched it for a while. I guess feeling sad when you watch those sort of shows is normal. I definitely felt sad midway through. I also felt envious.

 I don't even do drugs, but I wish that sometimes I could let go complely. It'd be wonderful to escape for a while. I wonder how long that haze lingers. I'd do anything right now to feel nothing. I'd settle for comfortably numb. 

takethesebrokenwings takethesebrokenwings
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1 Response Aug 4, 2012

trust me as a former pill addict they don't do much. you think they'll numb the pain but they don't, they just make you to confused and angry to understand the pain. i was lucky i never got into the hard stuff myself but if i had i doubt it would have helped