Trapped In Paradise

I feel so trapped in my life... but I can't find a reason why. I have a lot going for me. I'm a straight A student in high school, I come from an upper middle class family, and I have the privilege of going to a private college preparatory school. If I have so much in my life to be thankful for, why do I feel so depressed and trapped? Am I merely just extremely ungrateful and selfish? I feel like it sometimes. I don't mean to take all I have for granted, especially when just across town there's people who barely have anything. What is wrong with me? I'm supposed to have a comfortable life, but most of the time I'm depressed and frustrated. I'm paranoid about everything, and I am constantly being attacked by intrusive thoughts. I feel like I can't tell anyone how I feel because they'd brush me off. They'd roll their eyes at someone like me, who has no reason to be so sad. They would think I'm a spoiled brat; an ungrateful child.

My life offers so much, yet I feel trapped and alone. Scared and depressed. I am trapped in a paradise.

Help me.
EtherealMelody EtherealMelody
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 29, 2012

Ah, yes, first world problems. What you need is a challenge. Spend time working as a waitress