All My Family Are Satanicly Evil

there is something not riight around me. the weird behaviour I am getting from all family members and including in-laws who raped and sexually assaulted me. but I think my sister wants to kill me. Mary did the same thing to mum I think, she never liked me and would abuse me as a child.

now my sister is out to destroy me. she has already or is planning to become a virgin again. she got me raped and told me ages ago she wanted to do all this I just thought she was mentally ill, she'd say to me "I am now you, and you are now me" but I think cookie and bernie (who i think is bugsy) are helping her cheat me out of my education and chances with nice men suitable for me. someone is helping her get clever guys and handsome ones instead of me. she keeps throwing her spastic, ugly male friends she'd never have a thing to do with onto me. she was with roger and allen as a plot to look the gracious financial giver to poor villages in Philippians, just cuz I did girl in a million raising money for war veterans. why does rose keep doing this? why would someone tell her to stop this behavior and stop abusing her sister and parents? why did cookie indulge her? mary is still alive under another name and she wants to kill me. Its all about her and her sprogs walking over us. she is evil witch ***** hell, and all her kids are black aura evil.

its just all gone too far- if someone can't tell her to stop this non-sense she will kill me off for good. my sister and mary have been plotting against me. and its all over a bit of ****- bugsy, who just plays everyone against everyone for jollies and is sick in the head. he's just playing peoples emotions for his kicks and these silly woman can't see what he's doing. and david is in on it too manipulating women over money and power - how can I protect myself from their poisonous vemon and toxic behaviour. they should be all put away in mental homes.
lilharajuku lilharajuku
36-40, F
Jul 26, 2010