Their Abuse On Me

i know if i get away from my in-laws and keep my mum informed about what they are and what they did to me and keep faith in god, i can win this battle. someone is sitting back watching it all, and what right has louise got to pass judgement on what i say to other people? its between me and karen, or me and roslyn... etc she wasn't there when ron shoved things up my dress and was mulling at me. so who is she to imply i am the baddie or childish? i have every right to say "i won't take your abuse"... would she put up with ron gropping and doing violent sexual things at her? while roslyn laughs? they say, "no harm ment" but harm happens...

one day i'll bring them all down for satanic sex ritual abuse on me.
lilharajuku lilharajuku
36-40, F
Jul 26, 2010