Want To Break Free

sometimes i feel like i am trapped in the same whole on going circle like a normal girls life in india goes. i WANT TO BREAK FREE but i find myself tooo lazy to do it. and when i get tat sudden urge to get freedom i just close my eyes and get into a whole new world.
specially movies make me feel tat m trapped and i need to escape.
i need to break free from the cumpulsion by other humans.i just hate the human greediness.i feel like we all have forgot our true missions and are involved in trading rather than sharing.
so m just not liking the ways our life has turned few things are gud but it dosent mean to go on leAVING OTHERs behind.
i just want to be close to nature ,i want to feel it.i want to be brave heart and adventourous.i dnt wana spend my rest of life like going to office,getting married ,having kids,and taking care of them ,make them grow up and then i die.ew this kind of life sucks.
for some this might be everything and i respect them but i dnt want my life to end like this.sometimes i feel i will spend my whole life just thinking.
plz help me break free.
godangelgod godangelgod
18-21, F
May 23, 2012