Living Where I Don't Want Too.

2 years ago I moved into my Boyfriends house and with his family. At the time it seems like a pretty good idea. My mom had just kicked me out for being a homosexual and I had no place to go. Me and my BF had been dating for maybe 2 months max and I was forced to move in with him and his family. To best describe the situation of his family they expect us to make dinner at exactly 5:30 each night. And his uncle wants us to say hello everytime he comes home. I can't even focus on my own relationship with someone I know I love, yet I feel like I'm loosing our relationship everyday.
Mrpubis Mrpubis
1 Response Sep 10, 2012

don't listen to people who say "hide the weenie" and call you "swishes". how VERY disrespectful.