Poverty Is A Trap

The family were local peasants, having a small farm land. Floods had damaged the entire harvest. No other means, they had taken loan but that has interest too. Soon, the lender was asking for returning the amount, they didn't have money for food and to return the high interest with the actual was becoming next to impossible.
Lender was a mean old man, who had eyes on their only daughter aged 14 years.The parents felt like trapped in a net, unable to break and escape. Their neighbor who lived in Dhaka had returned and wife heard him speaking about job opportunity.
Meher Begum, " I would be much obliged if you could give my husband a job."
The neighbor, Asalam," The job is for garments factory, they need someone to put the labels in order."
Meher's husband eye sight was not that good and he didn't feel confident. Their daughter Sarah was reading at class V, she can get this job but then sending her alone was another problem. FInally the whole family opted to migrate temporarily for getting enough money for repayment of loan.
Meher sold her last thin gold bangle and the three set off with hope. The garment factory had long hours but they were paid handsomely, Meher also got the job of a cleaner and her husband started to sit at a local shop as a helper.
The three were happy, the money they wanted was getting saved.
As usual, the three set off to work that day, but death lurked at the factory.
The day was progressing as usual, Meher was cleaning th yard area, when suddenly fire started and the supervisor instead of opening the gate, he locked it with a padlock.He underestimated the flames and soon, 53 people were burned alive. 110 died. Meher lost her daughter to flames. She and her husband are now totally devastated, they have lost their only child and hope for a better life.
It is sad, how poverty pushes people to disaster, and those who have power always abuse it and take advantages of the needy. Had the supervisor, openned themain gate, maybe their daughter would be alive, a mother seeing her daughter getting burned alive is beyond imagination. Looking at the charred bodies, there is no consolation. Tears just keep on swelling in her eyes, government did pay 6 lakhs as compensation. But, is life not priceless?
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Moving story.

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