I know that feeling trapped is an over-arching theme in my life.  I am in a state in which I desire to not be where I am and question whether things will ever change.  I feel trapped by life.  I feel trapped by living in the US with no healthcare options, with a rigid social structure in which I do not function well, designed to extract labor and wealth from the bottom up.  I have many dreams of being trapped and trying to escape.  It is an archtype I think.
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Wow, you wrote this five years ago. I hope you are still out there, I hope your life is better now. America does not have a "rigid" social structure - it just looks that way, especially if you buy into all that crap-ola that they shovel into most kids. Actually, having traveled to most of the planet, that''s what I love about America - and why we have so many immigrants. This is the easiest place for a person to get by on Merit alone. But - if you haven't got talent or ability, yes, you are in trouble here. That is the way it works, sorry, but that is true.

Thanks Maisedobbs...I have no faith that voting is going to change anything about our healthcare system. They are the 2nd richest industry in America (behind good ole oil!) and therefore have much more political power than any voter or collection of voters. I do still feel trapped but not as much. I think I would need to live on a small remote desert island to not feel trapped anymore LOL....i am working on myself and my thoughts constantly though and I am feeling like I have more control of my life, at least the portion over which I have control.

Are you still feeling trapped RA?

Me as well....thanks Prayerwhisperer :)

Don't even get me started on the gaps in healthcare. I have coverage now through my work but it makes me feel trapped at my job. There are such gaps and it infuriates me!<br />
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I understand feeling trapped by life. I pray both of us find a way beyond this feeling.

I hope things get better and that you can pursue your dreams. Healthcare is a huge problem in this country and it just infuriates me how many people are having to do without it! The economy is so terrible right now I don't know how people are expected to live unless of course they are already wealthy or financially secure. God help you too if you are single and out here trying to make a living since it seems to take 2 1/2 incomes just to make ends meet! I know how frustrated you must feel. I think good things will start to happen for you though so hang in there friend!