The Hole Keeps Getting Deeper.

I fell like I'm stuck in this hole. Every day it rains. Some days it pours, other days it's more of a mist. I know it's only a matter of time before I drown.

Of course, there are those days where I gather enough courage to scale those walls. Most days I get absolutely no where, but there have been those beautiful, glorious days when I have almost reached the top. It's a rush of hope. It's like grabbing freedom and having it carry you across the battlefield. But those days have ended with the walls crumbling in my fist, and I, once again, falling back into my puddle of despair.

I'll probably die in this hole. I have nothing to help me escape. I have no one to give me a boost. I guess at this point the only thing I can do is hope for someone to hear my screams and throw me a rope.

FizzX FizzX
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 27, 2009

I love the way you wrote this. I understand how much pain you're in.... I've been feeling this way too. I have been for a while. Depression hurts so much, and it's lonely as hell. You can message me anytime you want, if you want..... & about anything you want. Even online here is a good way to get support. Hang in there.. let me know if you're struggling still.

dude, listen: don't let the world break you down... you have to build your faith in yourself back up again...<BR><BR>just take on a challenge... the next thing that comes up, something you've really been wanting to do for a while, anything... just take it up and give it your all...<BR><BR>don't have any expectations from yourself, just apply your mind to the task and finish it off as thoroughly as you can... it may take time (weeks or even months) but till you die, time you have...<BR><BR>keep it to yourself, dont let too many people in, and dont mind their comments: you'll be pacing yourself and deciding how you want to do it... just give yourself free rein...<BR><BR>just do it the best you can because it's you testting yourself , and you want to see how well you do right? so just see how well you fare at it...<BR><BR>that'll be step one... and you'll begin to figure stuff out for yourself... luck will chip in every now and then, my friend, but you must carry yourself up those walls and fight your own battles...<BR><BR>look at the incredible lives of great men - they were mostly just ordinary men/women who had extraordinary will, which came from their desire to do something, and the belief in themselves that they could...<BR><BR>cheers.