Trapped inside the prison of my life,

I watch and hope for freedom.



I feel confused, as though I am on the outside looking in.


The cold rains have drenched my world. They always leave me empty and alone.

How many more storms will I have to go through?

They slip into my life almost unnoticed.  Suddenly the rain, tears, and sadness come.

The trees are blowing in the wind. The birds are gone. Hope has gone.



I sigh as I pick up the pieces of my heart, scattered by the winds of time.


Some call me flighty. I suppose I am. But it isn’t me, it isn’t what I want. Sometimes the winds are just too strong.


My heart; I feel as though it will never be complete.


I watch the sky for a break of light. Without light in my life, I am trapped.

The impenetrable fortress of my thoughts keeps me captive.

I cannot let anyone get too close.

If they were to know me, they wouldn’t want me. If they came to close, the demons of my life would destroy them. I cannot escape. The prison that holds me, is too strong for me to break.


So I stay. Enslaved by the chains that hold me here.



A break of light shines through the clouds into a rain drenched world. I see it in the distance drawing near. It graces the trees and the grasses with its presence. It shines upon the lonely pieces of the earth. Life seems to wait breathlessly for its gentle caress.



Mysterious light, why do you shine through the gray? Why do you want to touch my world? What is it about this dismal place that causes you to drawn near?


I step into the light. It gently touches my hands, my face. My tears slowly fade as I am embraced by its warmth.




I am not complete, but maybe someday the light of freedom will be strong enough to break through my prison, and lead me out through the shambles and brokenness.


Through a broken sky, the light shines through.

Through my broken heart, life comes in.



And out of the brokenness, I will become free.



stormynightsky stormynightsky
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3 Responses May 23, 2009

Thank you, for saying that. It's just that life is so dark sometimes, I guess we can't always see things clearly. We tend to feel worthless, and then that only makes things darker.<br />
<br />
Thanks for the comment though, it actually made my day brighter. :)

It's no one's fault but my own.<br />
<br />
Really, things happen to people, and problems come, but I don't see how anyone can blame others for those things. We all have to accept responsibility for our own lives. I would never blame anyone for mine, unless of course they were really at fault.

Wow ...what a sad story :( Very well written though, as always.<br><br />
It makes me sad that you feel this way, i so want to be the light that would warm you up and help you to see the freedom... to be the one who fights every demon, through every prison. I knew i could do it but... i guess my light wasn't bright enough.<br />
I really tried... but i wasn't good enough... i really tried... but i guess i failed...