I Hate Being Fat!

I totally hate being fat. I dislike going out, the mall especially for example. Because you always have that on your mind "Are they staring at me of how fat i am, how ugly i look" its like everywhere i go thats on my mind. I tried changing tried to loose weight but i just can't IDK WHY. i have tried so many times,even stop eating or if
I ate i'll go bomit imediatly. I feel like its useless i can't be skinny this is how i am going to have to live fat,ugly and worthless. I have got to a point in which everything is careless for me, i started munching & munching on junk food because i feel fat & ugly. It makes me sad seeing girls to beautiful and skinny,looking perfect. I always compare myself to a skinny person, of how happy i would be if i could be like that person skinny and beautiful. Everytime i look at myself in the mirror, all i see is a ugly fat girl wishing to be like other girls skinny & beautiful,thinking that perhaps no guy will like me. I love going shopping but now i dislike it. All the cloths i wear i hate..either way i look fat nothing fits me perfectly. I wish someday ill be a skinny girl like i wish, that would change my life.
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3 Responses Nov 30, 2012

Insecurities is a problem almost every girl has to overcome at least once I'm there life, trust me when I say you are not alone , believe it or not a lot of those skinny girls you admire and wish to look like sometimes hate the way they look too... There's never enough "beauty" to something there can always be better . But we are not perfect, if you want to change your image do it for health first and then yourself not for the way others will look at you. love yourself your you're own best friend once you start having confidence in your self the world will also start to see you with different eyes !! (:

Hello, I believe you are too young to be sad at this. During your life you will change and will have another mind about you because you will be more mature with the time. At the end, every people can know what true love.

i used to feel this way and im not saying im skinny and all i still have love handles now but i tried to change my way of thinking instead of exercising or trying to do diets to be skinny i did them to challenge myself and i kept looking at my future not at what i look like at the moment but in the future and thinking maybe if i could lose weight i could inspire others too.