I Hate Mirrors!!!!

I am not dog ugly and I used to think I was like a 7, but I think it slipped to a 5.  I have been struggling to loose 10lbs for like 2 years and I have a lovely Italian nose, IDK maybe I am overly critical but my BF really makes me feel insecure.

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I say forget those ridiculous insecurities (although we all have them) and count those blessings you do have. I think maybe there are a lot of people her that like you just the way you are. And dear, we all change as we get older and wonder why we can't look like we did when we were 18. I say, I am a better person and more full of love now then I was when I was younger. And you are too!

yup, who needs him

if all u need to lose is 10 lbs, count yourself very fortunate. and i agree with the other posters, get rid of him if he makes u feel this way. u don't need that in your life.

I have to agree with suiker..



get rid of him! Whats the use being with someone if they cant make you feel good