Just One Little Word

Hi, I was just turning thirteen last year when this happened. It scarred me for months and months. Stupid really, considering it was just one word.

My friends and I had just sat down after a thrilling game of "steal-the-bag-and-hide-it". As you can tell, we were very original. Anyway, a guy in our group had stolen my (girl) friend's bag and ran into the boys toilets with it.
It was the other boys' idea. The plan was to get one of us girls to coax him out of there with their 'charm'.

So us girls lined up, waiting to hear who it was. My friend got really impatient and asked: "Well, who's going?"
"You." The main boy told her, then, standing in front of the end girl, he continued,"Because she's too tall."
He moved along, "She's too small."
He stood in front of my friend, "You're pretty,"
He moved along again, "You already have a boyfriend".
He stood in front of me, "Ugly."

I haven't been able to look him in the eyes for years now, we still go to the same school and are in the same classes, because I can still hear him calling me that word in front of all our friends. His voice had been confident and clear.

The boys' judgement on me was final then, and now I can't give them the time of day.
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1 Response Jan 16, 2013

Please don't let one word from anyone decide the remainder of your life. Some boys tell a girl they are ugly because he likes her and he wants the other boys to stay away. I bet you are a real good looking person inside and out. Stand tall and take nothing from anyone. Good luck and never look back

I love you:) thank you so much for saying that! Good luck to you too