Feeling Alone With House Full Of Family

I've given my all to my household. Mother of 3, 31yrs old, full time job, bf if 4 yrs, 2 dogs. In the surface I'm blessed but in the inside I'm falling apart. I've always been the one to cook clean take care of everybody. But when I need it in return I'm lazy selfish. Mind u I have 2 auto immune disorders so I feel sick more then I should. Sick or healthy I'm to maintain the house without thank u's I love u's u look nice. I'm lucky if u get a kiss and a good night before I fall asleep, I'm the one to tuck everybody in bed, lock doors, turn off lights. I'm at my end when I hear how I DNT do anything Cus I put my foot dwn and make u close the outside windows Cus I'm tired of going out to the cold to do it every night but Cus u had to and saw u need to clean the dogs pee Cus a magical person must have came into the house a d closed the doggy door and the dogs made a mess and I Didn't help, but I'm selfish and think of myself? Did I mention u aren't working and having been for the past year Cus u cheated on me with a ***** frm work, readin she is a ***** also Cus she also knew u had a family, so u quit when we fell apart frm that. I've been fine with u being home helping with the kids but Cus u finally helping with the kids u DNT have to do anything else I should b great full? Did I miss something? Of cousre I DNT feel good and want to sleep and yes I'm tired and I can name a list of reasons why I'm tired! How is it I feel alone with those who I've taken care of for years sleep under my roof??
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Jan 13, 2013