Years of Effort Gone to Waste

I've spent years of my life researching a particular field of study because I uncovered a cure for one of the major medical issues that inflict mankind. I'm not a doctor, but I have a firm grasp of the physical sciences, and I spent a great deal of effort understanding how the treatment works, spreading word about it, and creating materials by which other people can better understand it.

I recently discovered that there is a group of people who are making a go at this treatment, and I dropped in to see how they were doing, and answered a few easy questions while I was there.

They didn't like the answers to those questions. Name calling ensued. Now it appears that the very group I spent all this time trying to help has decided that I'm an annoying undesirable.

I guess nobody ever said life was fair.

Strangeling Strangeling
Mar 31, 2009