Some Days Are Worse Than Others...

... but of late it's been bad for me... I'm jus not loving wat I see... I'm jus feeling soooo unattractive no matter wat I wear or how much effort I put on my make-up or wat compliments I get from people. I look at me and I don't like wat I see... I hate everything I see about me. And I jus can't shake it off; it's now getting me pretty down. It's not a good feeling but it's jus there glaring at me. I don't even want to meet up with friends. I jus go home straight from work and get into bed. Everyone else seems to be getting on so well and looking so cool; why can't it jus rub off. I'm so hating this :-(
summertc summertc
31-35, F
May 15, 2012