Obliterate Into Nothing

i stop using facebook cause over there i feel unheard... i don't write the things that people write like where they travel to, where are they going, what are they doing... or cute messages (ergh i don't know)

so i came over here to write what i mostly feel... write what i thought and hey... it's the same thing

am i that boring or am i that dull that no one actually wants to comment my stories... i am not crazy about comments but sometimes it's good to know that people can relate or connect to you and you know that you are not alone in this world

but everywhere i go... it's same here too... yes i definitely feel unheard even now... i am only heard by my family and my husband... and they are the only one who actually care about me...

is there anything in this world that is honest and sincere... i know i don't post nude pictures of myself cause i am not like that... or maybe semi-naked... i salute those who can... everyone is unique on their own but really... there's no one out there who can relate to me....

it's just like i am better off obliterated into nothing...
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3 Responses Jul 11, 2010

yeah... i don't have any kids... i haven't showed you the real life situation... yes my husband cares about me when he wants to... but if he doesn't... he shuts me out. women beaten, been there too... my entries are very random... check them out and you'll know what i mean....

thanks for the comment... i'm always myself... i just don't know if things that i wrote are something to others?

why should you post nude pics? just to be heard?<br />
you won't be heard but looked at if you do it.<br />
don't try to be someone you are not. just be yourself here.<br />
you have someone in real life who care about you. that's even better.<br />
it's ok if only those who love you will hear you.