Unwanted And Unloved...

I have never been in a serious relationship. That doesn't bother me so much, I have just always wanted someone who will love me for me. I'm not talking about soul mates or anything because I believe you can love more than one person in a life time. But why not me? No one ever showed any real interest in me besides physical reasons. I don't understand. I'm not a bad person, I'm not a complainer, I'm fairly easy to please, I'm not mean or stupid or anything. I just don't get it. Most people, it seems, don't want to be around me because I have a terrible case of foot in mouth syndrome and sometimes say inappropriate things. But it isn't bad enough to where no one could have interest in me and yet that is what seems to be going on. And now I have feelings for this person and I am so afraid of getting my heart broken again because no one I have ever been interested in has ever shown that kind of interest in me. I feel so unlovable.
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My honest opinion, is first you have to believe in yourself.<br />
If you look into the mirror every morning and ask yourself, if you truly love the person that you see, you are on your way!! You are also still young and there is a whole world out there....do not give up on yourself or others.....let your love for what God has created lead you down the right path...<br />
If you want to write me,,, please feel free to do so...YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY FRIENDS!!!<br />
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Love Giley, Master of Gor...

Hi<br />
how about you try and practice watching how you respond to thing as in what you might say in a certain situation by recording your responses...for example if your reading something or watching tv or whatever...when you make a comment about it record it and then play it back and see how it may sound to someone else..maybe then you may see what other people find a bit inappropriate and from there you can retrain your brain to respond differently...just a suggestion