I Feel Rejected By My Boyfriend

Every time I ask for sex he just kind of ignores me or makes an excuse. Like, "oh I'm too tired" or "I have a headache". It's always something different. I feel so unwanted when he rejects me. I know he loves me and I know sex isn't a big thing but when he does want me it makes me feel pretty and desirable. We've only been together for a little over a year. When we first started going out I was still new to sexual things. I never wanted to do anything and I was always scared. He was always the one to want it. And when I finally gave into him and had sex I was instantly hooked. We used to have sex more than twice a day when we would get the chance. I don't know what changed.. He barely touches me anymore. If I didn't ask him for sex we probably never would. He even makes a big deal when I just want a kiss or something small like that. When we would say goodbye to each other at night he used to push me up against the car and kiss me like he wanted me. Now he barely gives me a peck and wants to get home fast. I dunno. I just feel like he doesn't want me anymore.. He never puts any effort in.. I even tried to ignore every sexual feeling I had and barely touched him to see if it had any effect. It didn't. He didn't even seem to notice or anything. If I don't ask then nothing will ever happen. And it's not like I don't do anything for him. If he asked for pleasure I would give it to him. Even if I wasn't in the mood. I just wish he would do the same to me and stop complaining about it.. He just makes me feel so worthless sometimes. I have mentioned this to him many times before. He would say he would try harder to show that he wants me but nothing ever changes. And it's not like I even gained weight or got ugly or anything. If anything I lost weight. But he doesn't care. I guess he just doesn't want me anymore..
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ask him what he likes

im assuming your boyfriend is around your age.. i cant see why he wouldnt want to have sex with you.. he should have raging hormones running through his body.. it doesnt make sense..

He's a year older than me. But we're still in High School and we're in the same grade. :/ I don't really know what's going on..

yeah im not sure what to tell you because i dont have enough facts to give you my opinion.. all i know is at that age my hormones were going through the room.. i could be doing it 10 times a day.. not much has changed now.. so i dont understand how he can turn you down.. is he a pretty boy or a jock type or nurdy type.. what kind of guy is he?

He's just a normal guy. Doesn't do sports, not a nerd, not a pretty boy. Just a normal guy. But he loves computers. He's on one 24/7. It gets annoying

oh ok, im not sure what to say to you.. at his age you should be getting mad cause he wont leave you alone .. so i dont know.. he cant have a testosterone deficiency at his age.. something else must be going on

damn i didnt know that lol but then again im not really into the whole video game scene.. give me affection over any of those things lol

Oh no, I knew him during his video game addictions and hacking phases. This is not it. He's always on some dumb site, like 4chan. Don't get me wrong, I love 4chan. But he is on it allllllllll the time. It's just a computer addiction -.- He probably can't go a day without it. And when he comes over to my house he uses my computer. We barely talk all day. Ugh. Thanks for help though guys. I'm going to talk to him tonight when he gets home

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