Am I That Bad?

I guess I get that we like never have sex, it has been almost 11 years of marriage and I am lucky if we have sex 4-5 a year. But I don't et that he doesn't touch me. I get the obligatory hug when he gets home from work and then the peck on the check but that is it. I so miss being touched! Not just caressing but just human contact from a man that wants to touch me! He thinks kissing is gross so I haven't been kissed in over 13 years. I long to be loved, desired, wanted. But it would just be nice to be touched!
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I just had to comment on this post as I am finally leaving (tomorrow YIPEEEE) my sexless marriage!!!<br />
I wish I could explain the relief I feel to be walking away from this loveless, sexless man. I had been accepting crumbs from this creep the whole time that we dated and subsequently married (my mistake).<br />
Being in this marriage took a wicked toll on my self esteem and confidence. I asked my husband if he was gay as nothing but a screaming, angry response there LOL! But I have relaized something even more sinister, I now believe that he is a sociopath. It is amazing to me that I could not see from the beginning that he had no feelings for me was all a sham. <br />
The lack of sex in my marriage was also related to a lack of any INTIMACY of any kind! The perfunctory pecks on the cheek, and hugs that go nowhere.........PLEASE I am so happy to never have to receive one of those insincere displays of affection ever again! My heart goes out to all of you in these sad unions....I hope you find your way to whatever works for you!

Yeah. I've suggested to my husband that he may be gay. He denies it, but he really gets giddy about some of his guy friends. He wanted children, we've had two. He offers no affection and no physicality. He really needn't have bothered with the vascectomy. <br />
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I wouldn't mind if he'd allow me my freedom, but apparently I'm not allowed to have sex with anyone else, either.<br />
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I had to stop working for health reasons or I would be long gone. I've made lots of lifestyle changes and am approaching the point where I'll be independent again. In 4 years the last of the children will be an adult--but I can't wait that long. One way or another I'm out of this low sex turned no sex, 23 lousy year marriage.<br />
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It's been nothing but a prison sentence. I'm a good-looking, educated, passonate woman; I'm going to find the right man and spend the next 53 years having mind-blowing sex.

How can anyone think kissing is Gross???? That's the saddest thing I've ever heard.

That's the popular case in many families. i don't have sex for 5 years. My wf just don't want me to touch her. I am looking for the answers