Isnt It Worth The Pain...just A Lil Bit?

My bf constantly complains that his couch is uncomfortable and instead prefers to lounge on his lazy boy. Thus he rarely cuddled on the couch with me. He does always pull me into a hug when helping me up from the couch.

Also he's nor very s.e.x.ual and sometimes when I ask him if we can be intimate he will grimace in a way that makes it seem as if I were about to pull his teeth out, as if it were the most horrible thing in the world instead of an act of love. He has no clue how I feel a stab in my heart when he does this, how sometimes I'll lie beside him and cry because he denies me. This is usually temporary and his interest in s.e.x. will return and he will be all over me, but I dread the day when his s.e.x.ual appetite is dormant.
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3 Responses Aug 3, 2010

If he cared for you he'd make the effort. My g/f has cats, I am allergic. Her couch isn't really big enough for two of us, and its too soft. Her apartment doesnt have enough parking and I have to park a quarter of a mile away. So I just got home from her place. My allergies are goin crazy, my legs are stiff from being tangled in hers and walking back to my car. I'll be back there, because she melts into me when I lay with her.

run as fast as you can in the opposite direction to this man. and have a look at 'i live in a sexless marriage'.

it does not get better.... u deserve more... i used to feel the same way... After marriage and a few kids... watch out... you will be lucky if he sleeps in the same room with you... Is he cheating on you? Does he still want someone else?.. I am not trying to be cruel but with a women as hot as you..He is either gay, sick, or cheating....