My boyfriend of 1.5 years lately seems to be bored of me.
Earlier we couldn't get our hands off each other, we used to have phone sex, send dirty text messages to each other, but now all that has stopped. Sometimes i try to initiate those dirty talks but he always seems disinterested and replies late to those texts of mine. I've started feeling so unloved and unwanted. I've tried to explain it to him that I miss all of that and I want it back, to which he always says that he has a busy schedule and doesn't get time for all this. Now, we hardly kiss or even hug each other. I've cried so many times, fought with him for this, but he never seems to understand and always shuts me off by saying that he will try to improve. Its been a long time since we last kissed or made out....a very long time. I've given him lots of time to 'improve' but nothing is happening.
Mostly when I sit alone I think about those intimate times that I shared with him and break into tears. I don't know what to do. I love him a lot.
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I understand that you are sort of young so that may explain some of your feelings. The plain and short version is this guy who you love has emotionally moved on and is physically still holding on to you because he does not want to hurt you, even though he knows that most likely the two of you are not headed to happily ever after land. In my view it is part of the male growing up process. It can be an emotionally messy thing to deal with, but it is not new. Don't take it personal. Make yourself more interesting, more sexy, more sensual. It may bring him back and if it doesn't you will have lot's of other guys available to take this guy off your mind.

I agree.., my boyfriend is like that too .., I caught him in to so much stuff it's not even funny. Messaging other girls.., always spacing out when I talk to him.. We have a son together ..,

talk to him straight, and upfront, but with a loving tone. watch for his body language. if he does not meet eyes with u he is hiding something. Ask him if he is having any life crisis. or family problems. And its not the end of the world, be brave u have ur whole life in front of u. Study hard, get a good degree and then u will see guys will be all over you.

Thanks, Numan! :)

I have had the same conversation with my girl plenty of times, but we been togeather for 8 years. So if things are already like that after a year and a half, mabey its time to move on if your not happy

I wish I could move on...but I can't. I love him too much!

Getting over someone is not always easy, but if you come to a conclusion that you need to move on for the better in the long run, you will find its not so difficult. Out of sight out of mind. Thats why im still with my girl. I love her but I felt I would eventually be better without her so I broke up with her. But we have kids togeather so I would still see her twice a week. And every time I saw her I grew weaker and weaker untill she made a move and we got back togeather. Every one is differnt and everyone has there own way to help get over people. One thing is for sure it sucks to love someone so much and feel like they dont give a **** about you. It sucks the life out of you. And if thats the case for you...i would leave while you still can, before things progress in the relationship and then you feel stuck.

Oh and when you break uo with them they all of a sudden care, dont let it fool you. it only lasts so long untill eventually things go back.

Today I wrote a letter for him and explained him about how bad i felt and all. I met him and handed it over to him and just left without saying a word. I guess he finally understood cause he called me up crying after reading it. He said he would improve. Now, I have some hope!
Thanks for so much support dear. Thanks!

Thats good anytime hope everything works in your favor. Make sure he sticks to it!

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