Slowly Losing Him

When I was a year younger, I met this man, he was seventeen years of age. His adopted younger sister was who I met him through. We were all at a High School football game. My friends, Leah, Kerith, Kyle, JJ, and Catherine. We were hanging out behind the scoreboard. I had just gone through a break up six days prior. We walked over to a group of older people whom my friends seemed to know. The froup consisted of, Samantha, Josh, Trevor, Zach, and I'm pretty sure, Cody. Catherine, my current second best friend at the time, was cheating on her boyfriend with one of my close friends, Kyle. I became angry and walked off with Leah, my best friend. Catherine got mad at me so she decided to go hang out with my most recent ex-boyfriend, Thomas. Leah, Kerith, and the group of older people went with me to the homecoming dance, held in the gym. We all had a relatively fun time. Later into the dance one of my friends told me that Catherine was now going out with my recent ex, Thomas. I became very angry, but continued to dance. After the dance was over, we had realized that our friend, Cailagh, had gone off with Catherine and Thomas, and ditched us. I, having anger issues, decided to beat the living hell out of Catherine. Kerith and Leah happily joined me in my rage. We stormed toward toward them and tried to fight, but Trevor, and Josh were holding us back. The police showed up and Trevor had to drive us home. Trevor was comforting me when I got out of the car and I automatically began having feelings for him. He gave me his number and told me, "Call me whenever you need me, and I'll be there in a heartbeat." A few days passed and he asked if Leah and I wanted to hang out at the mall with him, Samantha, and Josh. We went, and him and I spent the entire day flirting. A few more days passed and he came to my house secretly after work. That night he asked me to be his girlfriend, and I said yes. This was October of two thousand eight. A few months passed, and we had fallen in love. He bought me a diamond ring for Christmas and promised to love me forever. A few days passed and I made the worst mistake of my life. We broke ip for New Year's Eve so that we could be faithful. I had been drinking and I ended up alone with his best friend, Josh who was sober, and I lied to him about it the next day. We got back together, but I continued talking to Josh behind Trevor's back and he found out. We got into a huge fight. A few months passed and things started to get rocky again. He broke up with me and said that he needed to be single for a while. We still acted as though we were going out. It has been that way forthe past month. At least until he started falling for my close friend and one of me frienemies. Then the other night I said I love you before I hung up the phone and he told me. "I'm not going to say that anymore, it doesn't feel right." Then he hung up the phone. That is when my glass box dream began. He won't even hug me anymore. He kissed me today, but then he was acting strange. I don't understand. I feel so unloved when he won't even touch me anymore. I feel as if I repulse him. After so long of us being in love, it feels odd. He went from telling me I'm beautiful while I was sleeping, to not even giving me a simple hug. It makes me very upset to realize things have gotten this way.

1 Response Mar 23, 2009

You are young enough!.....MOVE ON!<br />
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Show him you have a LIFE!!