I'm Single, But When I ...

I'm single, but when I was dating my ex, I loved when he touched me. And around the end of our relationship, he wasn't holding me when we slept next to each other. He turned his back to me and almost pushed me off the bed. It could've been a subconcious action, but it still stung me. I even got up out of his bed and went to sleep in the living room. I went back to his bed four hours later. He didnt even know I was gone. 

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3 Responses Jun 12, 2009

I really feel for you. The more they don't hold,kiss,touch the more we want it and then this comes across as desperate and needy and drives them away even more. It's so devastating to not see the desire or love in their eyes anymore and almost feel like a chore. What should you do, swallow your feelings and stay ( feeling undesired ) or leave and then miss them even more?? x x

I've been there, too. In the beginning of our relationship we were all about the touchy-feely. Holding hands, cuddle time. The one thing we looked forward to was going to bed because it meant we'd get to hold each other all night long. The last four months of our relationship it all just tapered off. He wouldn't even hug or kiss me anymore. You're not alone

{{{HUGS}}} i know that feeling, i've been thru that myself... it hurts a lot