Looming Love

The fates string us along. Strumming their web and manipulating the weave until the warp and weft are tight and fitting the design of Creation . . . Some of us know the fiber we are spun with and can sense through vibration where it is best we are to go - where our matching threads lay. I know my own uniqueness and the rarity by which my hue occurs in the Grand Tapestry. Woven beside an unsually funky blue thread with specks of color that makes anyone smile a little . . . and so soft as to comfort even the firmest of dispositions. From betwix us various little threads have been tuck and twisted about - appearing to the viewer that from the marrying of our weave that a great rainbow of joy springs forth to color the future . . . But to my left there is a gap in the weave. A purple thread has spaced itself far from me. It is dark as a midnight plum and laced with a rough fiber that seems callous . . . but with work and love it will soften and bend without crease. There is a beautiful content of magical violet and an indigo that seems divine in nature twisted beneath the plum of this thread . . . elements that will only shine through when it has come to its proper resting place beside me . . . But not all of us trust the weavers the same, and many threads fight where they are directed - causing bumps and gaps within the design. This thread spaced from me is hesitant to be woven and I can do nothing but wait for when it choses to bend closer and realize that there is just enough room for it to settle and reside for eternity - that there is enough of me to enhance its color and to let it shine more beautifully that it ever thought . . . and together we can exist harmoniously . . . an unforgetable portion of the tapestry that all will remember and that the gods will want to recreate.
LuridPoppy LuridPoppy
31-35, F
Aug 8, 2010