No matter where i go i feel like someone doesn't want me there, or around them period, i don't know why. I don't much anything to anyone unless they start with me. My famliy doesn't want me i know cuz if they did they would treat me alittle better. When i have a boyfriend i feel unwanted to, because they leave after a few weeks. When ever i'm at school i hear all the remarks i get from everybody, the looks. It's like i i just dissappered nothing would change. No one sees me as normal, but i really wanna know what normal is.... i'm smart and talented but that doesn't help people notice you around here and want to be around you. Only way to do that is to do drugs and join a gang, and the people that do like what i like never talk to me because of what they hear from other people... only place i feel wanted is on EP cause this is the only place i can be me and not be jugded
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4 Responses Jan 31, 2012

I remember being the weird one in school too, it sucks, but then again so do the people who are conformists picking on you for being yourself... Things will get better, just wait!

awww hugs people are so mean

i wish you went to my school you would feel loved there at least by me

E very one hates me at school for no reason

Awe =( ~ Wraps my arms around you and gives you a Nice warming Hug trying to comfort you by rubbing your back massaging it tenderly ~ I am sorry you feel that way Luvs2pee, I can assure you If you were around me, You'd feel things you've never felt before. I'd make you feel wanted and loved girl. Take you out to the movies, Go to an ice cream parlor and get our favorite flavored ice cream ^^ Go take walks on the beach together watching either the sun rise or sun set ( Either one of them is beautiful ) Anything you wanted with me we could make a reality cause If it were up to me, I'd make all those feelings of yours go away and disappear. =D

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