What Is It Going To Take.

So this is the thing. In  my life, I have never been a club or party goer. I have never been a person to go hang out. I am starting to think that, I should hang out. I should start going to club and parties. It;s not my thing. However maybe it should be. I am changing my life. I am going to make a dent in the universe. Things are going to change for me. For the better. This is a new day, a new chance to make a difference in my life. I notice that. In life all you have is yourself. I don't have a family. I am not a parent.  I am not a boyfriend. I must start to live for myself. All I have in this life is myself. The friends I have are out and busy, which is fine. I am young. I am going to start being young. I have never been to a "club".  Before. I haven't experenced the things in life other people have. I want to go out and get wild. I want to let loose. I want to get buck wild. It's time for me to start living a rock star life. I have played it safe for such a long time. I say NO MORE. Things will change and soon.The problem is myself. I always think about what other people may think about about me. I worry about other people. No more. Forget about the other people. I need to start to do things for myself. I am lucky to be able to travel. I need to get fit and in shape. Thats the beginning to feeling better about myself. I miss having sex. I don;t want a girlfriend. I want sex. I don;t want strings attached. I decided that I don't want to give my heart away. Nope not me. I have to love myself. No one will love you better than yourself. This is me talking myself into this.
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2 Responses May 19, 2012

understand the only time others take the time to come bye is if the want somehing from me

i understand im 25 the only party i've been to is my sisters friends sons first birthday he's like ten now i've never been to a club either if this is really what you want i say go get em tiger