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I Feel Unwanted And Unappreciated

I am 41 and some days I am ok and other days I am not ok. There were so many love stories and I felt excluded. Unwanted. Unadored. It brings me down. Men don't really look at me either and if they did, I didn't noticed them. I am ok looking. Small. Dress nice but my persona need a good makeover.

So many people says you will find someone one day. My mom never tells me that neither did my sister. I feel like they never wanted me to meet a man. I feel like that they don't think I am good enough to have a boyfriend and they both have partners. It hurts. They never say anything nice like you are beautiful, smart, funny, sweet, kind and I know that a man will one day gets you as you.

My brother and my dad never says how pretty I am either. They never said I am ugly either.

I feel so broken inside.

Thanks for listening.
Myalee Myalee 41-45, F 4 Responses Aug 13, 2012

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I get that

Thanks. 😊

I'm not an 10 & Not perfect I'll take a 5 middle & work my self to an 8 I'm not better than anyone else.. yes In time there will be clean & improved version of me ..kinda like taking an old favorite hot rod that's in fixable condition not some rotted out junk destined for scrap giving it clean paint job tweeking the engine up a notch making sure it runs cool keeping kool during hot days to enjoy the ride looking good in it somebody going take a Good look And ask about it feeling good some likes it ....just smile !


if you think you look OK, you must be very good looking. girls are always very very self critical!
perhaps you just don't pay attention to guys? :)

this was almost two years ago, how do you feel now?

Hi Trengo
Thanks for your advices.
I'm still basically the same today. I still haven't met anyone. Everyone got someone. I feel less bitter and tried hard not to hate people too. I saw lots of guys I liked but none noticed me. I can't be good looking otherwise I'd have a partner....scratch that....I've checked myself out and found that I'm abit boring, don't go out much and I know men don't want to date me cuz of my depression.

How are you too?

i'm wonderful thanks :) why are you depressed? perhaps you could start with that?

why would you hate people? can't you love them all? :)

I gets depressed for all sort of reasons. One of them is that I've been told by men that I wasn't good enuff and they've let me down alot too. I don't blame them anymore tho. I used to hate my ex bfs who were unkind to me. I used to hate one friend who was a B. I was also jealous cuz she had the man I liked. I don't hate people anymore but I still disliked a few. I've tried for many years to sort out my depression but it's not working. I'm on meds.

Glad you're fine and u sounds happy too. :)

life is happiness :) to live is to pursuit happiness :)


you're still downish?

Yeah kinda.

Hi Trengooo!

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Babe keep your head up!!! And start loving yourself! !! You sound like a beautiful person!
Start believing in yourself and don't let no one get you down! You don't need anyones approval!

Hi Raidernation
Although u don't know me I appreciate your kind comment. I will try and heed your advice but you're def rite about one thing, I don't need approvals. Thanks.