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I Feel Unwanted And Unappreciated

I am 41 and some days I am ok and other days I am not ok. There were so many love stories and I felt excluded. Unwanted. Unadored. It brings me down. Men don't really look at me either and if they did, I didn't noticed them. I am ok looking. Small. Dress nice but my persona need a good makeover.

So many people says you will find someone one day. My mom never tells me that neither did my sister. I feel like they never wanted me to meet a man. I feel like that they don't think I am good enough to have a boyfriend and they both have partners. It hurts. They never say anything nice like you are beautiful, smart, funny, sweet, kind and I know that a man will one day gets you as you.

My brother and my dad never says how pretty I am either. They never said I am ugly either.

I feel so broken inside.

Thanks for listening.
Myalee Myalee 41-45, F 3 Responses Aug 13, 2012

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I get that

Thanks. 😊

if you think you look OK, you must be very good looking. girls are always very very self critical!
perhaps you just don't pay attention to guys? :)

this was almost two years ago, how do you feel now?

Hi Trengo
Thanks for your advices.
I'm still basically the same today. I still haven't met anyone. Everyone got someone. I feel less bitter and tried hard not to hate people too. I saw lots of guys I liked but none noticed me. I can't be good looking otherwise I'd have a partner....scratch that....I've checked myself out and found that I'm abit boring, don't go out much and I know men don't want to date me cuz of my depression.

How are you too?

i'm wonderful thanks :) why are you depressed? perhaps you could start with that?

why would you hate people? can't you love them all? :)

I gets depressed for all sort of reasons. One of them is that I've been told by men that I wasn't good enuff and they've let me down alot too. I don't blame them anymore tho. I used to hate my ex bfs who were unkind to me. I used to hate one friend who was a B. I was also jealous cuz she had the man I liked. I don't hate people anymore but I still disliked a few. I've tried for many years to sort out my depression but it's not working. I'm on meds.

Glad you're fine and u sounds happy too. :)

life is happiness :) to live is to pursuit happiness :)


you're still downish?

Yeah kinda.

Hi Trengooo!

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Babe keep your head up!!! And start loving yourself! !! You sound like a beautiful person!
Start believing in yourself and don't let no one get you down! You don't need anyones approval!

Hi Raidernation
Although u don't know me I appreciate your kind comment. I will try and heed your advice but you're def rite about one thing, I don't need approvals. Thanks.