My Husband Looked At A Picture Of Me And Actually Said "eww" Tonight

There has been many times during my marriage of 3yrs that I have felt unwanted. Tonight beats all of those nights. The hubby has one of his friends over and they're drinking so I guess his "true feelings" are easier to express. We've hit a dry patch sexually here lately and I've been going out of my way to make him happier and make him want me. He wants to travel an approx. 9hr drive one way to see his family, I said ok. He wants the house in better shape, I've busted my *** to keep it lookin good while taking care of our son.....etc the list continues on. And flirting with him today and trying to say all the right sexy things seemed to be working. I really thought he was flirting back and wanting me... I was playing around on the computer and showed him a pic of me w/ just a lil makeup and my hair styled differently (but you can definately still tell it's me) and he actually said "eww"...........I feel so disappointed and hurt and unwanted. I just don't know if we're going to make it and I just dont know if I want to make it work anymore. It just seems pointless sometimes, but I do love him and I do love the family we have together. What do I do?
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2 Responses Oct 20, 2012

I'm sorry he said this and hurt you--been there myself more than a few times. Your relationship sounds very one sided. Talk to him about the pain his reaction caused you and the doubts you are having concerning his feelings for you. If he dismisses your concerns or behaves as if you are/or accuses you of being "too emotional" "too sensitive" or whatever you will have to seriously consider the fact that he does not love you in the same unconditional way you have been loving him and then you will have to make a decision based upon your conclusion. Don't put it off cause it won't get better or easier with time.

hi hun have you tried talking to him about this like you have done here telling him how bad you are hurting