Pushing My Limits.

These past couple of weeks have been kinda rough between me and my boyfriend. But i feel as if im not appreciated by him anymore. He lost his job earlier this week and is also in a band,and manages to work out 3days a week. i still get to see him everyday but its usually no earlier than 9:30 -10 pm basiacally as im getting ready for bed. hes getting to the point now where it seems that he doesnt want to talk to me and would rather spend time all his free time with his bestfriend or with the band. not saying i want his full attention but i think i deserve a little bit more than what im getting. ex: today i got out of class at 2pm he got his truck worked on at 9am and was done by 10am. he set at home all day and went to the gym at 7:30 and finally mad it to see me about 9:30. its not like we live hours away more like maybe 10 min. i just feel as if out of all the stuff going on im the last thing on his list most of the time when i do get to see him its he comes in and falls asleep or wants sex and then falls asleep. iv tried talking to him about this like maybe a week ago and i dont see much change in anything. i need some advice cause i love him but hes really pushing my limits.....
noverholdback noverholdback
18-21, F
Nov 1, 2012