I Totally Feel I Am Unwanted,

I truely feel unwanted. I found out I'm pregnant and my boyfriend broke u with me. He suffers from alchole abuse that was the excuse I've always told myself. But now its going on a month he has know andim 3 months . My mother told me she can't be my mom right now when I need her the most. I was lonely when I was with him nw I am all alone and scared
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31-35, F
3 Responses Mar 31, 2013

you are so pretty, your boyfriend must be crazy.

You are unwanted? Who told you that?
God wanted you so he created you.He wants you in this land.People? Yes they want you.There are many manyyyy people out there who are lonely and desperately they need someone to need them and to love them and they to love and need someone.Try to be that someone in your area.Be someone who give hand of help.After you do that you will be wanted.You are wanted by your baby.Your baby loooooves you sooo omuch and unconditionaly.Why you are looking to the wrong persons?Your boyfriend is obviously the wrong one and your mom -God knows what problems she has when she told you like this.Find people who will need you so you wouldn't be unwanted.YOU ARE WANTED and NEEDED but go to people who need you don't mourn yourself and try to force people who are selfish to need you. Love and respect yourself cause you deserve love and respect.

There are people that care. Everything in life is temporary. You won't feel like this forever.
Ask your angels, guides, even if you don't believe in them, ask them for help, guidance.

I need to do that, for I feel same as you often recently.