Rejected On Ep

Even here on EP I feel unwanted. Rejected. Most stories I write go without a reply. And when there is, it's just the same old tired cliches, that just make me feel even more isolated, rejected, humiliated, alone. I've tried real-life groups and clubs, with similar results, and earlier this year my phsyciatrist said to try the internet to find people to build friendships, relationships, and hopefully, meet them. But all the networking sites I've joined all are the same. Like EP. Basicly get told to be alone ... rejected, even by those who say they understand.

Cursedboy Cursedboy
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5 Responses Oct 19, 2008

I have to tell you that the only reason I have not read some of your stories is that I had never seen them. How many stories of others have you commented on?<br />
<br />
I am certain that on EP there is a community that you can build.


Bubbleyum I'm doing both. I feel the same way about the unwanted and friendless, and I'm trying to start a conversation with Cucuboth. Just like I'm starting a conversation with you. I'm guessing that is what yarking means.

Even on EP? Facebook? MySpace? All the chat-rooms? how many people are on these things, combined. Several million? Not to mention all the dating and friendship sites I've joined. Would think that something would happen since I've been using the internet since 1995 ...

Still here, although not very often anymore. EP is just another place where it feels like I don't fit in, so, I don't feel there's much point in coming here on a regular basis. I just check every now and then when the bordem reaches certain depths ...

Yep, yep, yep. I feel the same way about the stories. Just keep writing. Eventually, someone will say, "hey, I'm like that too". Just like now!!!