I Know...

I know in my head there are people who want me, but I dont feel it....

There are a few people who I know for absolute certain that they want me. I know that these three people do. Occasionally I feel it with them. Everyone else I just can't believe.

And even then Im sure I want them more, that I love them more, that Im going to want more from them than they want from me then they wont want me anymore.

Tesse Tesse
18-21, F
12 Responses Nov 26, 2008

Yeah, there is a disconnect between the head and heart. I know people from all ages and genders want me for a variety of things (friendship, dates, company, etc). But I feel totally unwanted. <br />
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I'm guessing if you have had things happen to you in life that make you feel degraded and different (compared to 'normal' people) or unwanted then those will always haunt you and bring these emotions up until you face them head on. And it is a painful process to do that.

I agree completely with Mello on this one... it's really hard once your brain gets ticking and sends you down whirl pools of emotions and thoughts.<br />
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Sometimes the easiest way (I find) to deal with it when things get that way, is to embrace the fear head on.

i had to dry fry the bread... our grill conked out pretty soon after our oven did....

hehe everything is so pink and fluffy here!!!! <br />
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i just ate two slices of toast with peanut butter which i am determined is going to stay in my stomach, so im gonna go put loud music on and clean my room..... wish me luck, its a complete tip here...

my bedroom would be nice, its possibly messier than my head!

*hugs* Id be there in an instant if I could, but unless there are planes for less than a tenner, we're stuffed!<br />
<br />
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Thank you mello :) my heart and brain and emotions are in a constant battle with each other, its quite messy here. <br />

thank you guys :)<br />
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Its just not a feeling i experience. I do feel warm and fuzzy now though :)

thank you sweet heart. x

sweet, i couldnt forget you if i tried, and i definitely wont be trying, so we're good.

isn't it funny (and sad) how we are surrounded by the entire world and yet feel so alone<br />
<br />
hard to explain to those who've never felt it but i wouldn't wish it on anyone<br />
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love u always<br />
forget me not darlin'

I just don't feel it. I know it but I can't feel it.