Alone Most of the Time

None of my family ever comes to visit me.  It always seems I have to go to their houses.  I have an Aunt and Uncle that live a block away from me and my parents will visit them but not here.  Okay before you think my house is cluttered or dirty, I live here with my husband that is a clean and neat freak.  He's a truck driver and gone most of the time so I am alone.

I have two step-sons that won't give me the time of day.  They never come over unless their Dad is here.  One step-son's gf had a baby and I didn't hear about the baby being born until a few days later when my husband ask me why I didn't go to the hospital to see the infant.  No one called me!  My husband made me feel like crap about that, why couldn't he blame his son for not calling me?  This Monday I get to babysit but even then I'm made to feel like I'm the bottom of the barrel. 

My own family isn't that much better.  I am treated more like a servant than a sibling.  I'm the youngest daughter and most family gatherings are at my elderly parents home.  I can't stand the idea that my siblings would leave my parents a huge mess so I clean up after parties.  My sister mocks me and last Christmas she made fun of me taking out trash. 

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I understand that this is an older post. Hopefully things have improved and these words are just that, words. I feel for you, never have been in the situation myself, but I am inactive LDS, and saw the same behavior when I was in high school. Anytime you feel like talking, let me know. Nothing wrong with the things you're doing, if anything, I see a problem with the way your family is treating you. Maybe your siblings can't appreciate what you're doing for your parents, but I'm sure your parents are really appreciative of all that you do. Best wishes to you :)

Yes I'm a Mormon. I converted many years ago. My husband and his parents and children are all Mormon. They are accepting of me on a religous stance. In church when my husband ex-wife was alive I was snubbed a bit by other church members but it's their problem not mine. <br />
<br />
My parents and siblings are of many vast religion due to is being raised to find our own path to walk. Most of my siblings are childless too because of a genetic flaw in us. Only my eldest brother could father children. <br />
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I thought as first it was the location but the neighborhood is in a decent area.

Touch, didn't you somewhere say you're a Morman? Is the treatment you're getting in any way addressable by your Council of Elders? Or is it because due to your health you've been unable to have children that you are not valued as a 'true' wife and member of your community?

My husband see me as a well kept pet but doesn't care about my feelings.

I really hope that all of these people will appreciate you soon. I'll pray for you. did you ever confront youf family about how you feel? obviously your husband has to care a little. i mean he's your *husband*.